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Job Center Bans Christmas Decorations E-mail
Komfie Manalo - All Headline News Correspondent
London, England (AHN) - A job center in South London has banned the use of Christmas decorations in the office to avoid offending the unemployed people who use the center every day.

Chris Nicol, area manager of the center said the ban wan intended to avoid upsetting benefit claimants who could not afford to decorate their own homes for Christmas.

One worker said,"All the shops and offices around us are happily putting up their Christmas decorations but ours are in the cupboard.

"Most people have complained about the lack of decorations. The twinkling lights and tinsel always seemed to lift people's spirits. Now we are all glumly sitting in the dark in case someone takes offence."

But Nicol defended his action, "It's about considering the feelings of people who might not to be able to afford Christmas.

"Because of their circumstances they might not have decorations at home. I don't think they should have their noses rubbed in it by walking into a job center. I haven't heard that staff are unhappy but it is impossible to please everyone."

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